Welcome to the Chester Cally

Looking for a new hobby?  Want to get fit - but have fun and friendship as well?  Join us at Chester Cally to get your feet and brains active by joining us in dance.  

If any member would like to be added to our mailing list send a message to chris.r.woodward6@uwclub.net  - if you are already on our mailing list and don't want to be, same thing.

So welcome to the Chester Cally - or the Chester Caledonian Scottish Country Dance society - if you want to be formal, but we don't!

We meet at 7:45pm on Wednesdays at the Caldy Valley Centre near Sainsbury's in Boughton - we go on 'til about 10 ish.

Come along and join in! £3 for adults, £1.50 for children and students, first night for newcomers to scottish dancing, free.


Common feeble excuses for not trying Scottish Country Dancing:


I'm too old - No you're not!


I'm too young - If you're allowed out 'til 10pm, you're not too young.


I've got two left feet - So?


I don't have the energy - Then don't do every dance.


I don't know how - We'll teach you (and it's not difficult).


My friends would laugh at me - You call those friends?


I don't like it - How do you know if you've never tried it?


I'm too busy - All work and no play etc.


Common Myths about Scottish Country Dancing




  You have to be Scottish - RUBBISH! Most people who do Scottish Country Dancing have no links whatsoever with Scotland.


The best Scottish Country Dancing is in Scotland  GARBAGE!  There is more Scottish Country Dancing outside Scotland than within it – you can dance on all continents and in most countries.


You have to wear a kilt or a tartan dress  NONSENSE!  Most people don’t  - though soft, flat shoes do help.


You have to take classes before you can join a society  UTTER TWADDLE!  You learn as you go because we have an excellent, qualified teacher who makes learning fun and fast.


You have to come with a dancing partner  FALSE!  We dance in sets of six, eight or ten people.


It’s boring and uncool  TOSH!  You can hear the laughter and chatter for miles.